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finally finished!! man these past 2 weeks were pretty crazy



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It’s out!

Small list of fav things about Ax:



  • Points at someone else’s recently purchased food that they’re about to eat and cries “STOP!!! I AM CLEARING TABLES!!!!!” then steals their food and runs away stuffing his mouth.
  • "I consider myself a professional when it comes to humans. I’m going to write a book."
  • Going along with Marco’s plans (usually to pick up girls) even though he knows they’re ridiculous.
  • Always making this face in human form: O_O
  • ~Disturbingly attractive/handsome/pretty/beautiful~
  • Copying Marco’s body language.
  • Casually shoplifts.
  • "I understand," he says, not understanding anything.
  • Eats gross, stale ass food until he gets sick and passes out.
  • “‘Can you hack into this?’ Please. Don’t insult me.”
  • Exasperatedly sighs whenever anyone asks about whatever new weird thing they encounter and says “I have no idea what that is. I can’t know absolutely everything. Besides I was asleep when we covered this specifically in class.”
  • Makes fun of humans for having only two legs and lacking a tail, only to be constantly crashing into things, falling over, etc. in his original four-legged form.
  • slow little baby arms.
  • "I WANT TO DANCE!! I HAVE BEEN LEARNING ABOUT HOW TO DANCE ALL DAY!!" then ditches his dance partner to stick his face in a punch bowl.

More to come.

#RJ u forgot that he’s scared of heights but was gonna be a pilot
OH THAT’S RIGHT AW ty for reminding me. I hope being a bird so much has helped him get over his fear too… dream big lil space deer.

More things that I love about Ax:

  • He tries soooo often to fit in with the rest of the group and more often than not he does so by attempting to make Human Jokes, whatever that is, but fails miserably. He also doesn’t really understand when to laugh at a joke or not and forces it. Then everyone’s all like “don’t ever do that again” lmao.
  • Surprisingly, an impressive swimmer.
  • LOVES tv?? He watches The Young and The Restless.
  • His echolalia!
  • At least in the show, he’s surprisingly good at mimicking voices, which is also a part of echolalia iirc, and I think that’s cool, cute + relatable.
  • That time in the tv series where he tried cooking in Cassie’s barn and forgot to turn the portable stove off when he left.
  • He loves the sound and feeling that the letter “z” makes and emphasizes it whenever he can because it tickles.
  • He hates (human) music. ALL OF IT.
  • That time he backflips or something and Rachel says “Ax how did you do that!” he’s just like, “I don’t even know.”
  • Every time he’s human and is confused and frustrated as to why he has trouble speaking when he’s emotional.



Am I the only one who is more excited for secret bases in ORAS than actually playing the game?


I don’t think you guys understand just how much I love secret bases.

Alison: I think half of it is the lag, because I have no idea what to do when it's moving so slow
Raymundo: Fair enough
Alison: Oh well
Raymundo: You merely adopted the lag, I was born in it
Raymundo: molded by it
Gwen: jfc
Raymundo: oh god
Alison: Well fuck any kind of comeback I was having
Alison: jfc, I'm laughing so damn hard
strae: ray you huge loser


I saw this step-by step tutorial of how to Gird Your Loins and it needed to be readjusted. 



sketch by rynnae inked by me

well heres the second half of our precious baby we’re gonna go lie down and die now



frantically sketched by rynnae & inked by me

our v specific dear to my heart au. thank u fall out boy. also we drew this so fast that the lyrics werent out yet BUT IT WOULD CHANGE THE MEANING SO WE’RE USING THE MISHEARD LINE OK