I am not the monster of this story

I lost my voice so I was trying to order food with my cell phone and I think all the staff think I’m nuts now

getting ideas for stories and then not actually writing them because there are too many is the most annoying thing ever

strae: hundreds of years of countries and cultures forming and being scattered and gathering again in new forms
strae: all while trying to conquer each other and in the name of a higher power
strae: sounds like great fun
me: *whenever I think up a sad headcanon* oh boy i can't wait to destroy my friends with this

Maxi dresses.


Maxi dresses.

fucking hell jin is also basically hao from shaman king I did not sign up for this shit


Lucina, the prowd warrior of the royal bloodline, has just been confirmed as a new challenger in Super Smash Bros 4!!


Robin is a newcomer