I am not the monster of this story

someone I thought of as a friend and proceeded to block me like a year ago just contacted me

I don’t know what to do this is so stressful

ugh okay someone made a comment on a post like

I guess I’ve never understood completely why skin color plays into any defining factor in this day and age. All it says about us is our skin color, it doesn’t even say our nationality. I identify as Caucasian but my dad is Mexican. I could have easily turned out a little darker and identified as Hispanic. Right now, despite being a hermit, I look like a white person who gets a lot of sun. 

I can tell you why you don’t understand

 I look like a white person

so I’ve held the knife and I’ve bled in equal measure, same as you, but somehow it’s all my fault and none of yours

I am stronger than this and maybe I’ll always fall but I’ll always rise again, eventually.

I need to learn how to stop holding grudges, but it’s really really hard when you have to keep interacting with that person and really want to just slap some sense into them for being a giant tool all the time, you know?

I don’t want to let him win.

public service announcement, Psycho-Pass is kind of great especially if you are into dystopian future shit

(I’m just waiting for the main characters to start dying)

also I have some new followers and I have no idea who you guys are (to be fair I have no idea who some of my old followers are…)

but yeah hi come talk to me I’ve got nothing to do for like half of January and that would be a lame way to start off 2013 y/y?

I think I might just go to Anime Boston and not Anime North because… it’d be my first con and idk if I want to go that all out e________________e

what if I make a Pokemon RP group just to worldbuild things for it, it’d be like, fantasy/Conquest style and there’s all kind of political intrigue bullshit but the main plot is actually Missingno cult that raises zombies because they’re fucking nuts